Allowances for Finishes

Jordan Building & Design, LLC utilizes allowances to let you to make final decisions on finishes as we progress through construction. There are many advantages to this – one major one being it allows our proposal to be developed in less time. If we were to spend the time to shop around for finishes at the time of proposal, this stage of planning would hurry you to make decisions. We feel it’s best to choose as we go, to work with the schedule and allow you to see your home in real life, which helps in selections. You can also watch for sales if you’d like and take your time shopping around.


Jordan Building & Design, LLC takes a lot of pride in the details of your home. We clean your home to a “ready-to-move-in” state. The entire home must be complete down to the details before you move in. This ensures that we catch all the touch-ups, adjustments, and attention to detail items. The important thing to remember when starting the process is, if you want something a certain way or a certain material to be used, just ask. We have worked with many different materials and methods and many options are available. We can’t list every option out there; frankly, that would be extremely overwhelming. With that said, we can do a lot of different things throughout the process and if we don’t have the ability, we can find the right person or company that can.