Time to dig in: Foundation

Once a signed proposal is in place, we will schedule your start date with our foundation contractor. We will meet onsite with him to stake out your new home and verify that everything is placed where you want it. Then digging can begin. On some lots, we have some decisions to make as the foundation walls are being constructed. The ground around your home may have grade changes that require stepping down the foundation walls to eliminate unnecessary foundation wall from showing once complete. You will be part of this decision, as well as choices on any necessary retaining walls poured by the foundation contractor. Cold weather costs are not typically included in the proposal unless it is eminent that this foundation will be poured in cold weather. All pumping that is necessary for foundation walls and footings will be included in your proposal.


Jordan Building & Design, LLC typically self-performs the frame carpentry on your home. We have extensive experience in this area with two 35+ year carpenters overseeing your project, as well as myself onsite routinely. If a change to the layout or windows occurs by your direction, we can change on the fly. Costs will be incurred only if there is significant re-work or scope changes. Small changes will be made with no cost to you. Decisions on windows and other long lead-time items will be made during or before the frame stage to ensure efficient, timely delivery of those items to reduce interest expense, saving you money.