Mechanical Rough-ins

At the time for mechanical trades to start, we set up a meeting with you to go through the location of light switches, fixtures, thermostat, etc., during a walk-through with the involved trades. We assist you in coming up with a list for you to start purchasing light fixtures through your allowances. This provides an opportunity to customize further within code.

Trim Carpentry

Jordan Building & Design, LLC typically self-performs the trim carpentry on your home. We have the tools and ability to do a lot of custom built-ins, ceiling features, and trim options in your home. We work with your cabinet company to order the cabinets on time so that they are ready to set at trim time. A walk-through during sheetrock ensures that door swings, molding options, and other material decisions are made so that a plan is in place for this phase of work.


Jordan Building & Design, LLC works with a paint contractor who can do as much customization as you wish. We typically will discuss this at proposal time to ensure that any costs are up-front, but changes can be made before the painter starts as well. A base price is put in if you don’t know yet what you want. This base price includes 1 coat of exterior paint of your color preference for the entire home, along with a trim color of your choice on the front of the home only. If you wish, we can price in putting the trim color on the other sides of the home as well. Multiple base colors can be an option as well. For the interior, the base price includes one wall color and one trim color. Ceilings will be white. You can save by staying with the wall color on the ceilings. Staining, added detail, additional colors, added coats and quality options are available and will be discussed at proposal time. Our painter comes back after final cleaning of your home to do a touch-up, which is included.